Welcome! We are back with delivery options! Please order by noon the day before. Delivery times will be sometime between 11am -4pm in most cases.

This is our new  menu for meals and packages.

IF YOU DON'T SEE ANY OPTIONS, IT ONLY MEANS THERE IS NOT A CURRENT "WINDOW" OPEN FOR ORDERING. It CHANGES DAILY. You are ordering for the FOLLOWING DAY  (i.e. order until 12pm on Monday for the Tuesday items). There are no adjustments/modifications. DELIVERY TIMES CAN NOT BE ASSURED and although the app allows you to choose, we are out all day. Delivery windows may change, but we're all home all day, right? We try to complete all deliveries by 4pm.

NEW**** PICK UPS will be the same day as delivery (PLEASE note the menu day from which you are ordering!!) and can be picked up after 1pm. As we see how the flow is, we will establish a more formal process. We appreciate your attention to the details and timing and your patience.

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